Caves of Southern Spain


Over the last several years, Spain has experienced an economic crisis on-par with the American Great Depression in the 1930′s. Unemployment rates are staggering, hovering around 26% over the last several years.
Hiking in the region of Almeria near the Mediterranean, we discovered a series of caves above the cities. DSC01205

These mountains are completely deserted. No tracks or signs of human activity, even though they are situated right over one of Europe’s largest greenhouse operations.
The thought occurred to me that this would be an ideal off-grid living situation if things got really bad. DSC01334

A key part of this lifestyle would be a source of undetectable fire to provide heat, light, and as a cooking source. The fire would also have to be very efficient because the wood supply would be smaller twigs and branches. A Double Flame or Ablaze Smokeless Fire Pit tucked up under the ledge would be the perfect solution. A solar panel rigged on the overhang would take advantage of Spain’s 300+ days of sunshine per year.


Water could be collected from a reservoir situated a little ways down the mountain.


Food? Easy. The valley below has thousands of greenhouses and all the fresh veggies you can eat at fantastic prices right from the greenhouse owner.


If economic conditions got even worse and the situation turned violent, you would not want anyone from the valley to know where you are. In the clear air, smoke can be seen from a long ways away.

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