Tour: One Week and 11 States

The week of the HPBA Expo was an interesting one for the Rethinking Fire Tour. Here are a few things that were happening:

  • Janessa had a bad case of Influenza and missed most of the Expo
  • The vehicle axle AND wheel hub went out an hour from Nashville on the way down
  • Sub Zero temperatures, snow, and ice buildup

Despite these setbacks, we had a great show! Many of our customers, both new and old were at the show and the new products received a great response.

We were camped at the Cedars of Lebanon state park, about 40 minutes from the Expo. This allowed for some peace and quiet during the evenings.

After the show was over, we headed through Tennessee and North Carolina, en route to visit some dealers in Virginia. Here is a picture from rural North Carolina.

After some great meetings, we headed to the northeast to attend a customer event at New England Silica in Connecticut.

We also had some trailer brake issues, which we were able to quick-fix in a restaurant parking lot!


After the event we headed to over to visit Stonewood Products in Cape Code, Massachusetts. On the way to their beautiful location, Janessa and I grabbed some time and took a walk along the cold eastern shore!


After doing some staff training at Stonewood Products, we headed down to PA for the week end. Ending a week that took us through 11 states!

It was a great first week on the road.

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– Jonathan

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