Working Remotely and Off the Grid

Freedom of location is really a game changing concept. You don’t have to drive through 3 hours of Friday traffic to get to your surf spot, if you have already been sitting there all week. Nor do you have to deal with spending time, fuel, wear n tear and frustration with your daily commute. Once you are no longer confined by a physical building, but only by cell phone reception, your goldfish bowl gets MUCH bigger.



The Concept
Working remotely is a very simple idea. We live in the information age, and many of us provide value to the companies we work for by manipulating, processing or communicating information. Our customers and suppliers also operate in this information pipeline and therefore you probably don’t do much of your job with face-to-face interaction. Because of this, your employer or customer may not know or particularly care where your office is located or how it is decorated. They don’t picture you sitting on a beach or on top of a mountain, but they don’t picture where you are, period. All they care about is that you do your job, and you do it well.



The Application
We have established that your employer or customer probably doesn’t really care where your desk is, as long as you are doing a killer job. So its time to move your desk. Remember, people hesitate to get in your way if you are already moving, but would otherwise discourage you if asked. Therefore, ask for forgiveness instead of permission. This week, instead of heading for the cabin on Friday afternoon, go up on Thursday and work remotely on Friday. See if anyone cares, or more likely, even notices. Make it the norm that you work remotely a lot of the time. That will make it much easier to cushion the mental blow when you actually work remotely all the time.
Working remotely looks different for different people. But ALL of us can think of a few places we would rather spend our time than the office. If your productivity goes up and not down when you transition, there probably won’t be any complaints. And it WILL go up because you won’t be dragged into time-wasting meetings and discussions, or interupted by someone chatting with you at the water cooler.

Remember, BUSYNESS does not equal PRODUCTIVITY.


Taking if Off Grid 
What really makes this a radical concept is when you combine working remotely with off-grid power and service solutions. A solar panel, charge controller and battery will fuel your laptop, printer and phone/hotspot. If you have a smartphone, it probably has a hotspot feature. Click that, and log into the “wifi” network you have created. Low service area? No problem. Get a Wilson 4G booster and you will have service in places you never would have imagined.



Do some research, ask questions, find out your options… Then DO IT. This week.


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