Jon Clair

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I find it fascinating to push the limits of how and WHERE work can be done. Lifestyle design and business design go hand in hand because ultimately they are completely intertwined.

I believe that we as a society have bought into several major lies that make us far less efficient and productive:

  1. If someone is BUSY we think they are SUCCESSFUL
  2. You have to work 40+ hours in order to have a successful week
  3. Addiction to useless meetings and discussions. If something needs doing, DO IT.

It intriques me to venture beyond the status quo of the conventional “entrepenuer.”

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After dropping out of highschool, I spent several years traveling and adventuring. During that time I met my wife, which caused me to think about my life and career. I gradueated with a BSBA in Marketing from Thomas Edison State College, and worked for two years at Creative Solutions Group, first as an AE and then as the VP of Business Growth and Development.

After my stint at Creative Solutions, I co-founded Breeo Industries, the worlds only manufacturer of smoke-reducing wood fire pits.

Now I live on the road full time with my wife in a 17 ft Casita travel trailer. I work using a Verizon 4G hotspot and Wilson cell phone booster, which means that my office can be in some pretty awesome places. My passion for organizational growth and development, marketing, sales and the off-grid lifestyle keep me busy.


Something else that really intrigues me is the concept of thriving off the land and off the grid.

A lot of attention has been given to these topics in the SURVIVAL context. I prefer to approach it from the simpler perspective that is an easier, cheaper, healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. Yes, Walleyee is edible grilled on a stick in the flames. But what about if it was smoked over hickory and plated with spinach, parsley and a side of wild rice? Why must living off the land be a discipline of endurance? Yes, you might sacrifice a little authenticity because you bought some of the ingredients at a supermarket. But if you look at this as a long term, sustainable lifestyle, there are certain small sacrifices of the ideal that allow the practical side of the lifestyle to grow dramatically. If something is fun, cheap and practical you will probably keep doing it for years. That is the goal.

“Living off the land” for a two week canoe trip does not fascinate me. That is not a lifestyle, that is a vacation.



My family have always been lovers of the wild spaces. From a very early age I was exposed to long hikes, canoeing whitewater, and spending a lot of time in tents or under tarps. I appreciate this heritage immensly. It has given me so many skills that I take for granted.

I also worked for a butcher shop in Ontario for awhile when I was in my teens. The skills I picked up there have stood me in good stead as I pursue my interests in returning to my “Hunter – Gatherer” germanic roots.