A Bump in the Road

On the afternoon of April 6th, we were in an unfortunate accident with our Casita travel trailer. We did not have enough hitch weight which caused the Casita to sway back and forth, eventually spinning us around as Janessa drove down a hill. We took a slide down the road and a bump into the side of a mountain, but thankfully we are perfectly healthy and unharmed! No one else was involved, and both the car and the Casita were fully repairable. … More A Bump in the Road


Boondocking is the practice of camping in remote locations for free and off the grid. There are a variety of different types of land that are available for Boondocking legally, ranging from State Forests to Crown Land in Canada. The goal of Boondocking is to experience nature and solitude without constant interruption from other humans. … More Boondocking

Caves of Southern Spain

TOUR: CAVES IN SOUTHERN SPAIN Over the last several years, Spain has experienced an economic crisis on-par with the American Great Depression in the 1930β€²s. Unemployment rates are staggering, hovering around 26% over the last several years. Hiking in the region of Almeria near the Mediterranean, we discovered a series of caves above the cities.Β  … More Caves of Southern Spain