not bound or tied up.
     This is a simple word that conjures up a vivid mental image. For us, this word holds an enormous amount of meaning. This word inspires much of our philosophy on life and living.
     To be unbound is to be unconstrained. It means to be free. Free to live the life you want without the trappings of society and the status quo holding you back. Freedom from emotional bondage, possessions, and the grid to name a few. This type of freedom radically changes how you view each and every day. Without the constant pressure to support a lavish lifestyle, you suddenly find yourself with a new commodity in abundance: the commodity of Time. This is a beautiful thing. It means time for family, travel, writing, reading, hiking, exploring, and laying in the sun. Time to explore your passions and dreams. Time to help the needy and hurting around you.
Time is and always will be > Money.

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